TEM Methods for Characterising the Structure of Multilayered Materials

  • C. S. Baxter


Detailed knowledge of the structure of multilayers is an essential prerequisite for understanding their properties. We have therefore developed TEM techniques for examining both metallic and semiconducting multilayers in cross-section. These techniques enable the layer-to-layer variations in composition and lattice parameter to be determined as well as characterising larger scale features such as twinning and gross non-uniformities in the layering. This poster will concentrate on the methods used to assess the structure at the atomic level but will also give examples of other structural features, such as the laminar twinning frequently found in fcc metal multilayers. Features of this type are readily characterised by TEM but may not be obvious from x-ray studies alone.

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  • C. S. Baxter
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  1. 1.Department of Materials Science and MetallurgyCambridge UniversityCambridgeUK

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