The Dentition of the Pygmy Chimpanzee, Pan paniscus

  • Warren G. Kinzey
Part of the The Pygmy Chimpanzee book series (EBIO)


Prior to 1974 the only studies on the dentition of Pan paniscus involved very small samples. Remane (1960) presented measurements of teeth of 4–11 adult individuals and later (1962) measurements of deciduous teeth of two maxillas and 3–4 mandibles. Conroy (1972) published indices based on measurements of maxillary teeth in three specimens of Pan paniscus to show that relative reduction of incisors and canine of Ramapithecus (FT 1271–2) was greater than that in either species of chimpanzee. Vandebroek (1969) used Pan paniscus extensively to compare with other primates in his book on vertebrate evolution. He included several photos of teeth of P. paniscus: one a lingual view of a deciduous dentition (Vandebroek, 1969, p. 289), and lateral views of male and female permanent dentitions (pp. 388–389). He also presented a graph of average measurements of the three lower molars compared with those of other hominoids (p. 394), and a drawing of lingual views of the lower teeth showing morphological variation (p. 415). Almquist (1974) measured incisors and canines in 18 female and 14 male P. paniscus from Tervuren, and compared these measurements with other African pongids and cercopithecids. He found significant sexual dimorphism in the length, breadth, and height of both upper and lower permanent canines of P. paniscus.


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