The Tervuren Museum and the Pygmy Chimpanzee

  • Dirk F. E. Thys Van Den Audenaerde
Part of the The Pygmy Chimpanzee book series (EBIO)


The discovery of the existence of a peculiar form of chimpanzee in the rain forest on the left bank of the Zaire River certainly is one of the major faunistic events of the 20th century. The history of this discovery and our knowledge of the pygmy chimp was, until the 1960s, strongly influenced in Europe by the temper of two men: Henri Schouteden and G. Vandebroek. These two great Belgian zoologists, both of whom I came to know well, were to make important contributions to the knowledge of the pygmy chimpanzee, although their names are not usually linked to Pan paniscus by the international forum of scientists who have worked on this species.


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