Hydraulic Testing of Sheet Metals and Their Welded Joints Under Biaxial Tension

  • V. A. Shcheglov
  • A. N. Brodskaya
  • A. K. Kopylov


Sheet metals find wide application in machine construction and in jacket structures which are charged with internal pressure. It is necessary to know the mechanical properties of the base metal and the welded joints under the plane, stressed-state conditions in order to be sure that the metal selected and the welding quality are optimum. Previously, one of the methods for evaluating the satisfactoriness of the welding quality was comparison of the metal strength with the apparent stress calculated on the basis of hydraulic testing up to the point of breakdown of cylindrical, welded containers, charged with internal hydrostatic pressure.


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  • V. A. Shcheglov
  • A. N. Brodskaya
  • A. K. Kopylov

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