Impurity Control Systems for Reactor Experiments

  • D. E. Post
  • R. F. Mattas


Poloidal divertors and pumped limiters are the leading candidates for impurity and particle control systems for reactor tokamak experiments. Such systems must be able to provide heat removal and He pumping while satisfying the requirements for (1) minimum plasma contamination by impurities, (2) reasonable component lifetime (~ 1 year), and (3) minimum size and cost and maximum simplicity. While pumped limiter systems are simpler and cheaper, poloidal divertors offer the possibility of low sputtering rates for the first wall components and modest pumping requirements due to the formation of a cool, dense plasma near the collector plates. Estimates made as part of the INTOR study indicate that the sputtering rates for pumped limiters could be unacceptably large. Both types of systems should be able to provide adequate pumping. Engineering design studies have been carried out for both systems. The study for a poloidal divertor system for INTOR indicates that such a system offers a reasonable solution to the impurity control problem at only a modest increase in total reactor cost (~10%) and complexity compared to a pumped limiter system.


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  • R. F. Mattas
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  2. 2.Argonne National LaboratoryArgonneUSA

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