General Formulation of the Problem of the Dynamics of Sorption and Methods of Its Solution

  • Vladimir Vatslavovich Rachinskii


The general theory of sorption dynamics and chromatography formulates the most general principles and methods, correct for any types of sorption and chromatography [117–119], Let there be some medium with a highly developed surface, possessing sorption capacity, and let a flux of a mixture of substances be introduced into this medium. With the initial concentrations of the substances in the mixture, character of the interaction between the sorbent and components, as well as other conditions that influence the motion and distribution of the substances known, the problem consists of finding the space distribution functions of the substances in the sorbing medium for any moment of time. This is the direct problem of sorption dynamics. The opposite problem is also of great significance for chromatography: finding the initial composition of the mixture and concentrations of the substances to be analyzed in it by determining experimentally the distribution of the substances in the sorbing medium.


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