A Review of Rail Transport for the Nuclear Industry

  • I. K. Braybrook
  • P. J. Abbott


The paper sets out to provide a comprehensive guide to the British Rail freight network insofar as the transport of larger items of radioactive material is concerned (freight traffic rather than parcels traffic). The content includes an explanation of the planning process required to gain access to the rail network, the options available for the provision of terminals, handling equipment and rolling stock and a basic introduction to the range of services available. A certain amount of technical detail is given for guidance purposes on the design of new rail links and of some items of equipment, in an attempt to assist transport planners and their consultants with their initial evaluation of competing transport methods and of the siting of new facilities.

A basic guide is also given to the regulations that govern rail transport and to the essential ingredients that enable British Rail to carry radioactive substances safely.

The paper will be of most value to agencies concerned with the following types of transport problem:-
  • inland and international transportation of high level waste

  • the decommissioning of nuclear installations

  • the movement of low level waste to repositories

  • intermodal developments for waste materials, such as containerisation.


Radioactive Material Nuclear Industry High Level Waste Rail Transport Rail Network 


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