Transport Studies for Candidate Near-Surface Repostory Sites

  • D. Bennett
  • J. Fitzpatrick


A consideration of transport issues forms an important aspect of the overall exercise to assess potential sites for the disposal of radioactive wastes. This paper outlines the main findings and conclusions of work carried out on the following transport aspects for four candidate near-surface repository sites for solid, low level radioactive wastes (LLW):
  • logistics, costs and accident rates of road and rail transport

  • feasibility of linking sites to the rail network

  • non-nuclear environmental impact

  • feasibility of sea transport to coastal repository sites

  • feasibility of transporting very large items of LLW.

The work provided information on the scale and type of transport operation required for LLW disposal in the UK.

The main conclusions can be summarised as follows:
  1. i)

    the traffic volumes as a whole would not be excessive and would only become significant in the vicinity of the repository sites;

  2. ii)

    transport of LLW by road was the least expensive and most flexible mode;

  3. iii)

    transport costs were dominated by operating costs;

  4. iv)

    it was feasible to link all the sites to the main rail network;

  5. v)

    for coastal sites sea transport of LLW including very large items of LLW was feasible combined with the appropriate road connections. The results will generally be applicable to the Nirex assessment of potential deep repository sites.



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  • D. Bennett
    • 1
  • J. Fitzpatrick
    • 1
  1. 1.UK Nirex LtdDidcot, Harwell, OxonUK

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