Safe Transport of Radioactive Material — A Training Experience

  • C. R. Chapman


When one considers the nuclear industry and the title of this international conference “Transportation for the Nuclear Industry” it is particularly the transport of nuclear fuel which is foremost in the minds of most interested parties. This is understandable as fuel transport can be considered the industry’s umbilical cord — bringing in the vital feed stock and removing the necessary waste products. Such movement, which is imperative to maintain the nuclear industry operational, can have many vested interests. It can, for example, be an embarrassment, it can be resouce-intensive, it can be time-consuming, it can also be turned to commercial advantage; but regardless of motive the very nature of the cargo — radioactive material — requires the consignee and the carrier to be diligent. Diligent for the sake of the employees of consignee and carrier alike, for the sake of the public, and for the sake of the environment. And whilst such diligence applies to nuclear fuel it is germane to all radioactive material when moved from one location to another.


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