Radioactive Material Transportation Impediments

  • J. Mangusi


Impediments which affect the smooth movement of radioactive material shipments occur from time to time and take many forms. This paper gives several examples which were encountered by Transnuclear during the performance of hundreds of transports.

New legislation and regulations, as one might expect, contribute significantly to confusing one or more aspects of a transport as shown by the legislation described below.

On 2nd October 1986, the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 was enacted. This Act prohibited the import into the Unites States of uranium ore and uranium oxide produced or manufactured in South Africa.

Later that month President Reagan signed the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which imposed user fees on many customs entries and warehouse withdrawals, effective 1st December 1986. Then on 17th November 1986, President Reagan signed the Water Resources Development Act providing for the collection of a fee on imports and exports for the maintenance of ports and harbors. The rules and regulations implementing these three Acts generated many questions and much confusion in the industry.

In addition to impediments caused by new laws and regulations, different interpretations of existing regulations also serve to delay or complicate shipments. Examples of this category are also given in the paper.

The impediments to be discussed on Safeguard Category I and II shipments include the US requirement that only one Category II shipment be in progress at one time within US territorial limits, and the lack of an approved commerical transporter for Category I shipments.

The paper concludes with a short section suggesting that the purchasers of transportation services should not use price as the only criterion for selection.


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