A Transport Packaging for the Carriage of Radioactive Ion-Exchange Resin

  • J. Armitage


An assessment leading to the specification and ultimate design of a transport packaging to carry shielded ion-exchange resin storage containers and contents is outlined, including a description of the important physical and legislative parameters and the methods used to satisfy them. The ion-exchange resin was held with its carrier water in portable storage containers and it was in this form, with contents and container complete, that the carriage was to be effected. A future generation of storage container was planned and the transport packaging was expected to include an allowance for size, weight and shielding to cater for this potentially larger design. The ion-exchange resin was assessed against the Low Specific Activity description, and the aim was for a generalised requirement of unrestricted transport by UK road, UK rail, and sea. The transport packaging was to be in the form of a sealed containment, designated IP-2, to retain the liquid content if it leaked from the storage container. A specification, against which commerical designs were produced, is also descibed.


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