Road Cask for the Transportation of CANDU Irradiated Fuel

  • D. J. Ribbans


Ontario Hydro, the electric utility for the Province of Ontario, Canada, currently stores all irradiated fuel from its nuclear generating stations at the station site. As part of its commitment to the Canada/Ontario Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Program, Ontario Hydro has designed, licensed and manufactured Canada’s first large-scale type B(u) transportation cask for the road transportation of irradiated fuel.

The construction of the Road Cask is monolithic 304 stainless steel with an impact limiter constructed from redwood encased in stainless steel. The Road Cask is licensed to carry 192 fuel bundles of 10 year cooled fuel. A capability to carry a smaller number of Recently Discharged fuel bundles is being developed and a licensing submission is currently being produced for review by the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) of Canada. To support the licensing applications, engineering evaluation, computer analyses supported by benchmark tests and scale model testing were used to demonstrate that the Road Cask will comply with all the tested and accident conditions as required by the AECB Transport Packaging of Radioactive Materials Regulations.

This paper describes the Irradiated Fuel Transportation Road Cask design and its transport trailer. It will discuss compliance with the regulations, the model testing and computer code benchmarking. It will also include a discussion on testing and analysis for conditions beyond the regulatory requirements. Finally the paper discusses the manufacturing of the prototype Road Cask, the commissioning/trials program and the public communications program.


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