Phase Diagrams of Superconducting Materials

  • R. Flükiger
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 68)


It has become evident in the last years that the formation conditions of an intermetallic compound can have a strong influence on its superconducting properties. The “intermetallic compounds” represent in principle all possible combinations between two or more metallic elements, but has in practice been extended to cases where one constituent is a nonmetal, i.e., B, C, N, S, etc. For several high TC materials, the maximum value of TC was found for atomic compositions corresponding to an extreme limit of the homogeneity range of the superconducting phase, stable at high temperatures only. At equilibrium, the formation temperatures of the most interesting high TC superconducting phases are situated well above 1500°C; it is thus of fundamental interest to know accurately the high temperature relationships of this portion of the phase diagram. The precise knowledge of the formation conditions of a superconducting phase is a necessary condition for the preparation of homogeneous, well-characterized alloys suitable for low temperature measurements. The resulting consequence is that investigations up to 2000°C and more must be carried out for a better phenomenological understanding of superconducting properties in the temperature range below 23 K. This statement is well accepted at present, but does not correspond to the way superconductors have been studied. A review of the published data shows that a large number of the investigations on superconducting materials have been made on insufficiently characterized samples, particularly before 1970.


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