European Efforts on Superconducting Materials

  • H. C. Freyhardt
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 68)


This chapter summarizes some of the efforts in superconducting materials in Europe. Of necessity this summary is incomplete, but it should give a general picture of the types of activities and the organizations where these activities are pursued. The efforts can be divided into different groups including small or smaller laboratory-type magnets, magnets for fusion research, magnetic separation and filtration, magnets for medical applications, superconducting generators, magnetic levitation, and various research dipole and multipole magnets. Efforts with superconducting rf cavities are also covered. A summary of some superconducting applications of research in Europe is given in Table 1; the organizations involved are listed in Table la. The major efforts are concentrated in fusion research (toroidal field coils for magnetic confinement or poloidal field coils), superconducting motors and generators, and efforts for high energy physics using various superconducting magnets.


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