The Symmetry Properties of Magnetoelastic Waves and the Determination of Selection Rules for Magnon-Phonon Interactions

  • Arthur P. Cracknell


Ever since the classic paper by Bouckaert, Smoluchowski and Wigner [1], group theory has been used extensively in connection with the electronic energy bands of crystalline solids. As a result of a well known theorem owing to Wigner, the wave function of an electron in a given energy band in some crystalline material must belong to, that is it must transform according to, one of the irreducible representations of the space group of the material. Consequently, the irreducible representations of the space groups have been used extensively in labelling electronic energy bands, in simplifying the forms of electronic wave functions, and in determining selection rules for processes involving electronic transitions (for references, see, e. g., the bibliography given by Bradley and Cracknell [2]). It is only much more recently that these ideas have begun to be applied to other particles or quasi-particle excitations in crystalline solids, such as phonons and magnons.


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