The Existence of Solutions of Linear Hamiltonian Equations with Unbounded Operators

  • V. I. Derguzov
  • V. A. Yakubovich
Part of the Problems in Mathematical Analysis / Problemy Matematicheskogo Analiza / Πроблемы Математического Анализа book series (PMA)


The present article is devoted to a proof of the existence of solutions of the linear Hamiltonian equation
$$ J\frac{{dx}}{{dt}} = H\left( t \right)x\left( {H\left( {t + \tau } \right) = H\left( t \right)} \right) $$
in a complex separable Hilbert space. Here, J is a symmetric anti-Hermitian operator that is bounded together with its inverse and H(t) is an unbounded operator that, generally speaking, is self-adjoint and close in a definite sense to a positive definite operator.*


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  • V. I. Derguzov
  • V. A. Yakubovich

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