Hadroproduction of Top for mt ∼ mw

  • D. Denegri
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 44)


We discuss features of top production and decay at CERN and Fermilab pp̄ collider energies for top masses mt ∼ mw. In this mass range the top decays into t → W + b (physical W) and the pp̄ → tt̄ → W+W- bb̄ final-state kinematics is rather specific. It is characterized by large transverse momenta \(p_T^t \sim p_t^w\sim {m_1}/2\) , highly unbalanced transverse momenta of the two top decay products \(p_T^w \gg p_T^b\) , making the decay b-jets rather difficult to identify, and with very dispersed and unbalanced W decay products (lepton-neutrino or qq̄). In this context, we briefly discuss the few peculiar events observed by UA1 and UA2, as these might well be ‘early manifestations’ of the top in this mass range. We also discuss the competing single-W + 2-jet background interpretations of these events. Finally, tt̄ production up to Large Hadron Collider energies is discussed: cross-sections, kinematical distributions and their mass and energy dependence, and the apparent production of WW final states.


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