Fast Intelligent Systems at the Eloisatron

  • R. K. Bock
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 44)


For the high data rates expected at future multi-TeV hadronic colliders like the ELOISATRON, it will be of utmost importance to take decisions in real time on partial data and as fast as possible. At a first level and shortest timescale, some customized electronics will reduce the rates, but at the next level, some semi-custom devices will have to take decisions with more flexibility and with some algorithmic component, i.e. intelligent decisions. The target detector we will have to consider is one which
  • is complex, i.e. contains multiple detector elements including tracking and calorimetry for electromagnetic and hadronic particles, possibly track identification devices, at various production angles;

  • is made of elements of fine grain, i.e. records interactions in considerable detail, producing a very large total amount of information;

  • can operate in an environment of high rates, i.e. is capable of recording events at a hadronic collider with a luminosity of the order of 1033 cm-2sec-1.


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