Threshold B̄B Factories

  • David B. Cline
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 44)


We review the requirements of B̄B Factories to facilitate the observation of rare B decays and the study of CP violation. Two advances are required over present colliding beam machines: (1) much higher luminosity, (2) collisions that increase the reconstruction efficiency and facilitate proper time measurements. The latter requirement can likelly be met by using asymmetric colliding beams (either circular or linear). The limitations on achievable luminosity in circular machines likely limits the maximum luminosity to 1033cm-2sec-1 (SIN Machine). Linear collider B̄B Factories offer the possiblitiy of greater luminosity but are still in the R&D stage. Examples of B̄B Factory designs at UCLA and Frascati are described.


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