In Vivo Regulation by Estradiol of the Messenger RNAs Encoding LH and FSH Subunits and the Secretion of Gonadotropins

  • Raymond Counis
  • Maithé Corbani
  • Marian Jutisz
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Gonadotropins are glycoproteins composed of two dissimilar, non-covalently linked α- and β-subunits. Within a given species, the amino acid sequences of the α-subunits of LH and FSH are identical, while those of the hormone specific β-subunits differ (Pierce and Parsons, 1981).


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  • Maithé Corbani
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  • Marian Jutisz
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  1. 1.Laboratoire des Hormones PolypeptidiquesCNRSGif sur YvetteFrance

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