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This chapter is for owners, engineers, and builders. The construction process involves all of you, or should. When it does not, problems arise. All too often relations between owner, engineer, and builder become adversarial shortly after construction begins. Then they stay that way for the rest of the project. Instead of working with each other, the team members waste most of their energy working on each other. This sorry state does not have to be. Imagine how much less time a project would take if even half the disputes and “cover your tail” paperwork could be cut. It can be done; it has been done. Trust is the key; however, trust is not free; it must be earned. Earn trust by fair treatment, clear communications in every step, and clear communications before every step. All this will take unaccustomed effort. It also may initially require behavior that makes you uncomfortable, but the resulting savings in time and hassle will be worth it. Give it a chance.


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