Microbiological Methods and Fluorescent Microscopy for the Direct Demonstration of Mycoplasma Infection of Cell Cultures

  • Richard A. Del Giudice
  • Hope E. Hopps
Part of the Cellular Senescence and Somatic Cell Genetics book series (CSSCG, volume 3)


Our principal experience with immunofluorescence is in its application to the identification of mycoplasma colonies growing on agar medium (5). The immunofluorescent identification results of mycoplasmas isolated from cell cultures over an 11-year period are summarized herein. Most recently we have used immunofluorescence to identify M. hyorhinis in infected cell cultures. These results will be presented with special reference to auxotrophic variants of M. hyorhinis. The auxotrophs are strains that are noncultivable on media that support the growth of the type strain of M. hyorhinis (BTS-7) and other similar strains. The term “noncultivable mycoplasma” (7) is used in this sense to describe a strain (DBS 1050 = ATCC 29052) that grew in cell cultures but not on agar medium. This specific connotation is obscured by the current use of the term in reference to apparent isolation failures.


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  • Richard A. Del Giudice
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  • Hope E. Hopps
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  1. 1.NCI Frederick Cancer Research CenterFrederickUSA
  2. 2.Bureau of BiologicsFood and Drug AdministrationRockvilleUSA

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