The Role of Sexuality

  • Susan Krauss Whitbourne
  • Joyce B. Ebmeyer


The area of sexuality brings together many of the most sensitive issues that spouses face in terms of their own identities and in terms of the way they view their partners. In no other area of marriage is one’s spouse identity more vulnerable and interactions more open to misinterpretation. This is particularly true for the cohort of couples studied here who are too old to have been exposed to sexually “liberated” attitudes in their own growth and development. However, exposed as they are to the current media presentations of the idealized views of adult sexuality as unreserved and unihibited, the people in these couples face many possible challenges to their views of themselves as sexual partners. These couples are also old enough to have retained ideas about male dominance in sexual relationships, ideas that were reflected in the attributions of power by both husbands and wives regarding who has more control over sexual interactions (see Chapter 5).


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