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DECOMP is a FORTRAN IV code of the Dantzig-Wolfe algorithm for solving linear programming problems of the form
$${\text{Minimize}}\;{\text{z = }}\;\sum {\text{(}}{{\text{c}}_{\text{r}}}{{\text{x}}_{\text{r}}}{\text{)}}$$
subject to
$$\sum {\text{(A}}{{\text{1}}_{\text{r}}}{{\text{x}}_{\text{r}}}{\text{)}}\;{\text{ = }}\;{{\text{b}}_{\text{0}}}$$
$${\text{A}}{{\text{2}}_{\text{r}}}{{\text{x}}_{\text{r}}}\;{\text{ = }}\;{{\text{b}}_{\text{r}}}\;{\text{;}}\;{\text{r}}\;{\text{ = }}\;{\text{1,}}...{\text{,}}\;{\text{R}}$$
$${{\text{x}}_{\text{r}}}\; \geqslant \;{\text{0}}\;{\text{;}}\;{\text{r = 1,}}...{\text{,}}\;{\text{R}}$$
where c r is 1 by nr, b r is mr by 1 and all other vectors and matrices are of compatible dimensions. DECOMP was first coded by C. Winkler based on J.A. Tomlin’s LPM1 linear programming code at the Systems Optimization Laboratory (SOL) at Stanford University. It has been further developed by J.K. Ho and E. Loute at the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE), University of Louvain, Belgium.


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