Complex and Hermitian Structures on a Vector Space

  • Shiing-shen Chern
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Let V be a real vector space of dimension n. V is said to have a complex structure if there exists a linear endomorphism J: V → V, such that J2 = −1, where 1 denotes the identity endomorphism. An eigenvalue of J is a complex number λ such that the equation Jx = λx has a non-zero solution x ∈ V. Applying J to this equation, we get
$$ - x = {J^2}x = \lambda Jx = {\lambda^2}x $$
It follows that λ2 = −1 or λ = ± i. Since the complex eigenvalues occur in conjugate pairs, it follows that V must be of even dimension n = 2m. The following relations are immediately verified:
$$ \left( {J - i} \right)\left( {J + i} \right) = \left( {J + i} \right)\left( {J - i} \right) = 0 $$


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