Analytic Functions

  • Paul R. Halmos
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Analytic functions enter Hilbert space theory in several ways; one of their roles is to provide illuminating examples. The typical way to construct these examples is to consider a region D (“region” means a non-empty open connected subset of the complex plane), let μ be planar Lebesgue measure in D, and let A2(D) be the set of all complex-valued functions that are analytic throughout D and square-integrable with respect to μ. The most important special case is the one in which D is the open unit disc, D = {z: |z| < 1}; the corresponding function space will be denoted simply by A2. No matter what D is, the set A2(D) is a vector space with respect to pointwise addition and scalar multiplication. It is also an inner-product space with respect to the inner product defined by
$$(f,g) = \int_D {f(z0g(z)*d\mu (z).} $$


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