Euler Characteristics

  • Kenneth S. Brown
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Let Γ be a finite group and P a finitely generated projective ℤΓ-module. There are several ways that one might try to associate a “rank” to P. One candidate for this, which we will denote by ε(P) or εΓ(P), is defined via extension of scalars with respect to the augmentation map ℤΓ → ℤ. Namely, we consider PΓ = ℤ ⊗ℤΓ P, which is a finitely generated projective ℤ-module; since projective ℤ-modules are free, we can set
$$\varepsilon (P) = r{k_z}({P_\Gamma })$$
the right hand side being the rank in the naive sense (i.e., the cardinality of a basis). Note that 1.1 makes sense even if Γ is infinite.


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