Vector Spaces and Modules

  • Serge Lang
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Let K be a field. A vector space V over the field K is an additive (abelian) group, together with a multiplication of elements of V by elements of K, i.e. an association
$$ \left( {x,v} \right) \mapsto xv $$
of K × V into V, satisfying the following conditions:
  1. VS 1.

    If 1 is the unit element of K, then 1 υ = υ for all υ ∈ V.

  2. VS 2.

    If c ∈ K and υ, w ∈ V, then c(v + w) = cυ + cw.

  3. VS 3.

    If x, y ∈ K and υ ∈ V, then (x + y)υ = xυ + yv.

  4. VS 4.

    If x, y ∈ K and υ ∈ V, then (xy)υ = x(yυ).



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