Review of Techniques for Epitaxial Growth of High-Resistivity GaAs — Growth Systems, Problems and Substrate Effects

  • H. M. Cox
  • J. V. Dilorenzo


High-resistivity buffer layers have demonstrated important improvements in GaAs MESFET device performance and consistency over unbuffered structures. Higher active layer mobilities, especially near the interface, are obtained when buffer layers are used. The buffer layer also serves to isolate the active layer from problems generated at the substrate-epilayer interface and from some of the vagaries associated with semi-insulating substrates.

Several methods have now been developed for the epitaxial growth of high-resistivity GaAs. These methods have included the growth of GaAs that is undoped, oxygen-doped, iron-doped and chromium-doped, using a variety of epitaxial growth systems. The advantages and disadvantages of these various techniques will be reviewed along with the reported properties of the high-resistivity layers. Substrate effects on undoped buffer properties will also be discussed.


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© H.M. Cox and J.V. Dilorenzo 1980

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  • J. V. Dilorenzo
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