Key Electrical Parameters in Semi-Insulating Materials; The Methods to Determine them in GaAs

  • G. M. Martin


Assessment of insulating bulk GaAs is proposed following three directions that all throw some light on the electrical properties of the material. First, attention is focussed on deep levels, needed to obtain highly resistive materials. Conditions of detection, methods of measurement of their concentrations in insulating materials, experimental determination of their acceptor or donor nature and, especially, of their Fermi functions, are discussed. The study of compensation mechanisms in GaAs doped with Cr, with O or undoped has been based on the knowledge of the electrical properties of these different levels. In the case of insulating Cr-doped crystals, for instance, both the Cr concentration and ND—NA, the residual donor concentration to be compensated by Cr, can be determined. These two parameters have an important influence on the electrical properties of layers obtained by direct implantation in these substrates and subsequent capped annealing. This last treatment reveals basic properties of the starting substrates and completes their characterization.


Deep Level Shallow Donor Thermally Stimulate Current Fermi Function Deep Donor 
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  1. 1.Laboratoires d’Electronique et de Physique AppliquéeLimeil BrevannesFrance

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