Progress in Multi-Genus Calculations for the Spinning String

  • Andrew Parkes
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 245)


We review progress in the calculation of multiloop amplitudes for the closed Neveu-Schwarz-Ramond string in a flat ten dimensional background. When the picture changing operators are placed at the zeroes of a holomorphic one-form then it turns out to be possible to do the sum over spin structures for genus g ≤ 9 for the vacuum amplitude. The result of this sum is zero point wise in moduli space and not just a total derivative as might be expected in a more general gauge. We look at the possibility that singularities could arise for certain values of the moduli and also discuss why this gauge choice is so powerful by showing the similarity to “light-cone” diagrams.


Modulus Space Riemann Surface Spin Structure Theta Function Matter Field 
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