Magnetic Interface Preparation and Analysis

  • Ulrich Gradmann
  • Marek Przybylski
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 163)


Recent interest in artificial metallic superlattices1–4 has two faces: The first aim is to study, for the case of metals, the unusual physical properties resulting from the periodic modulation, which became such a fascinating field for the case of semiconductor lattices. Secondly, metallic superlattices seem to be convenient systems for the study of interface phenomena, of size effects in thin films and of twodimensional systems, which can easily be observed in superlattices because of their strong multiplication. However, this analysis of interface phenomena can be done more reliably using single films, for which growth modes and structures of interfaces can be controlled much better than in superlattices. Physical properties, however must then be detected with monolayer or submonolayer sensitivity. For the case of interface magnetism this analysis using single ultrathin films has been done for many years using high sensitivity Torsion Oscillation Magnetometry (TOM) both in air5,6 (ATOM) and in UHV7,9 (UTOM), and recently using Conversion Electron Moessbauer Spectroscopy10 (CEMS). The present paper reports on this type of experimental interface magnetism using thin films, with special emphasis on the preparation of flat epitaxial film structures, bounded by well-defined, diffusion-free, atomically sharp plane interfaces.


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    • 1
  • Marek Przybylski
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