Growth and Structure of Compositionally Modulated Amorphous Semiconductor Superlattices and Heterojunctions

  • L. Yang
  • B. Abeles
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 163)


Over the past fifteen years research on single-crystal semiconductor superlattices has grown to be a major subfield of semiconductor physics. Thus, it is remarkable that it is only in the past three years that the first published reports of superlattices made from the prototypical amorphous semiconductor, amorphous hydrogenated silicon (a-Si:H), have appeared.1–4 The main reason for the late start of the amorphous semiconductor superlattice field may have been the widely held preconception that epitaxial growth of single crystals is required for the synthesis of high quality multilayer structures, with uniform atomically abrupt layers. Recent transmission electron microscopy work5–7 on the structure of amorphous superlattices has amply demonstrated that highly regular superlattices can be made from the a-Si:H family of materials, synthesized by low temperature (≲ 300°C) plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PCVD).


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  • B. Abeles
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