Variational Formulation of the Arch Dam Problem

  • Michel Bernadou
  • Jean-Marie Boisserie
Part of the Progress in Scientific Computing book series (PSC, volume 1)


First, we examine how to take into account three kinds of loads which are standard in practical dam problems, i.e., gravitational, hydrostatic and thermal loads. For each, we obtain an expression of the work associated to a displacement \( \overrightarrow U \) of the particles of the dam. Next, we approximate these expressions in order to obtain a formulation set on the middle surface of the dam which only uses the displacement field \( \overrightarrow u \) of the middle surface. Then we can give a variational formulation of the arch dam problem which enters exactly in the frame of KOITER [1966, 1970]’s model.


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  • Michel Bernadou
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  • Jean-Marie Boisserie
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