Low Technology Fels and Ifels: How Can a Small Laboratory Contribute?

  • G. Dattoli
  • E. Sabia
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 29)


It is well known that the basic FEL Compton mechanism is a genuine example of radiation-matter interaction. The process can be indeed described as the two-wave interaction shown in Fig. 1. Therefore the most simplified view of the process is
  1. a)

    initial state: two photons moving from opposite directions with approximately the same frequency head on a nonrelativistic electron with momentum p0.

  2. b)

    final state: the electron scatters the photon (1) in the backward direction losing 2ℏk of momentum; the electron scatters the photon (2) in the forward direction gaining 2ℏk of momentum.



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  • E. Sabia
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