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Justification for a LIMS

  • Richard R. Mahaffey


Before describing the best way to justify a LIMS installation, this chapter discusses the pitfalls and drawbacks associated with installing a LIMS. Whether one is a lab manager, production manager, lab analyst, director of research, or vice president, one must understand the problems which must be solved before a LIMS can be successful. Justification, selling the idea of a LIMS, installation, maintenance, and growth of a LIMS are not easy. The problems which exist are not technological; they are human. “What makes the introduction and evolution of [information technology (IT)] so challenging is that, in many of its applications, success comes only when people have changed their thinking process. Hence we will refer to it as intellectual technology. Without this concomitant change in thinking, we too frequently have a technical success but an administrative failure” (60).


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