Style of Verbal Exchange at the Age of 8 and 11

  • B. Pierart


Amongst a child’s linguistic conducts speech appears to be directly orientated towards a social partner. During his development, how does a child keep track of the context in which his story is? In what way does he change words if he is warned to what use his listener will put it? What effect has the age and the status of the interlocutor upon the elements contained in the speech and the syntactic formulation? In order to answer these questions we presented a series of pictures whose logical succession presents a sequence of events (Le Boeuf) to fourteen 8-year-olds and the sixteen 11-year-olds. The interest of this “language inceptive” is to avoid giving a verbal model to the child, a methodological advantage which has already been appreciated in a few recent works on verbal communication between children. (Brami-Mouling, 1977; Brossard, Esperet et al. 1978).


Social Partner Cartoon Strip Verbal Exchange Verbal Model Transitive Action 


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