Comparison between the Evolution of the Visual Exploration and the Narration of a Strip Cartoon in Children from 6 to 7 Years Old, from Contrasting Socio-Economic Backgrounds

  • J. Simon
  • Y. Preteur


Inspired by Bernstein’s theses, numerous studies have shown that children from a deprived background communicate the data of their environment less exactly and with less precision than those from a more favourable background. (Baldwin T.L. and col., 1971; Heider E.R. 1971; Johnson R.P. annd Singleton C.H., 1977). The research dealt with here relates to those studies and attempts, on the one hand, to present a possible model of the narrative and on the other hand, to examine the above facts with the help of an experimental design which was also used in an interdisciplinary and interuniversity research project at the INTERUNIVERSITY CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF CHILD LANGUAGE (C.I.E.L.E.)


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  • J. Simon
    • 1
  • Y. Preteur
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  1. 1.University of Toulouse IIToulouseFrance

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