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During an early morning of the latter part of the conference a group of us met to discuss problems related to the evaluation of elastic tissue in normal and diseased lung. Throughout the conference numerous references had been made to lung tissue. The presence of elastin in this vital organ is obviously of extreme importance. Because of its complexity this organ has not yielded easily to the isolation of a single component such as elastin or to the evaluation of alterations which may occur to that component in diseased states. Although the discussion was contributed to by numerous individuals, four papers were selected which seem to represent the interests of the group. Dr. Hospelhorn’s paper on Isolation of Alveolar Wall Fragments is an important step towards dealing with the areas of the lung principally involved in diseases such as emphysema. Dr. Cleary’s discussion on sampling, although dealing mainly with his experience with aorta, points out a needed area of concern for any person involved with the problem of representative sampling.


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