The Gas Contrasting Method

  • Gerhard Ondracek


It is essential to the qualitative and quantitative microscopic analysis of a material’s microstructure that its constituents be distinguishable. Distinctions between the phases, crystallites, and boundaries of the polished section are based on their differential interaction behavior—reflection and absorption—with optical light rays in optical microscopy or with electron beams in electron microscopy. To obtain an image that can be analyzed microscopically—i.e., which is rich in contrast—these differences in the reflection or absorption behavior of the microstructural constituents must be “intensified.” The relevant methods of preparation are classed under the term, contrasting. Especially in quantitative microstructural analysis, as schematically summarized in Fig. 5–1 this contrasting step is of particular importance.


Color Contrast Hard Metal Needle Valve Microstructural Constituent Color Sequence 
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