Impaired Host Resistance Against Local JMV Marek’s Disease Tumors after Thymectomy and After Bursectomy

  • K. M. Lam
  • T. J. Linna
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 149)


It has been well established that the immune system of the chicken displays a dichotomy of responsiveness. Thymectomy in the newly-hatched period, combined with sublethal irradiation, has been demonstrated to significantly impair cell-mediated immunological functions (Cooper et al., 1966). Surgical bursectomy in the newly-hatched period impairs antibody-forming capacity (Glick et al., 1956). Treatment with high doses of cyclophosphamide during the first days of life results in a more profound, selective deficiency of the bursa-dependent, antibody-forming system in month-old or older animals (Lerman and Weidanz, 1970; Linna et al., 1972). The delineation of immunological responsiveness in the chicken can be used to study the influences of cell-mediated immunity, and of the antibody-forming system on tumor development.


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  • T. J. Linna
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