Vitamin A Effect on Limb Regeneration: Studies on the Tadpoles of Anuran Amphibians

  • I. A. Niazi
  • O. P. Jangir
  • S. Alam
  • K. K. Sharma
  • C. S. Ratnassamy
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It has been known for long that excess of vitamin A causes a variety of malformations and defects including those of limbs in mammalian fetuses (Takekoshi, 1964). The initial objective of the studies which begun at this laboratory about 20 years ago was to explore if the excess of this vitamin produced any teratogenic or inhibitory effects on the normal development and on tail and limb regeneration in the anuran amphibians. It was found that continuous immersion of frog and toad tadpoles in aqueous suspension of vitamin A palmitate inhibited regeneration of both tail (Niazi and Saxena, 1968) and limbs (Saxena and Niazi, 1977). However, hindlimb regenerates of young tadpoles of Bufo andersonii, given a restricted treatment with vitamin A postamputation revealed two unexpected features: in some cases more than one regenerates had grown out from the same stump and some of them consisted of all limb segments from thigh to foot arising from the shank stump (Niazi and Saxena, 1978). The latter feature was particularly intriguing because it showed that vitamin A was instrumental in breaking the general rule of limb regeneration according to which only the missing parts distal to the amputation level are restored.


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  • I. A. Niazi
    • 1
  • O. P. Jangir
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  • S. Alam
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  • K. K. Sharma
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  • C. S. Ratnassamy
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  1. 1.Developmental Biology Laboratory, Department of ZoologyUniversity of RajasthanJaipurIndia

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