Post-Translational Methylations of Ribosomal Proteins

  • Jean-Hervé Alix
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (NATO ASI F, volume 231)


An unexpected feature of the structure of ribosomes is the numerous postsynthetic methylations which affect their RNA and protein constituents. Post-transcriptional methylations found in ail ribosomal RNAs (except 5s RNA) have been reviewed elsewhere (Alix, 1985). Similarly, several ribosomal proteins have been found post-translationally methylated, first in studies with Escherichia coli, and then in other organisms (bacteria, yeast, protozoa. HeLa cells). Methylation of ribosomal proteins therefore seems to be a general phenomenon. It raises a series of questions concerning the chronology of the modification reactions, the origin of the methyl groups introduced into the proteins, the number and properties of methyltransferases, the molecular basis of the specificity of protein methylation, the role of methylation in ribosome function and/or biogenesis, etc..


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