Industrial Applications

  • T. V. Arden


The techniques described in this chapter are concerned with special applications of ion exchange resins in the treatment of industrial solutions, rather than of natural water supplies. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to discuss the subject briefly, since there are many points of similarity with water treatment procedures. In many cases, the object is the same, that is the production of a pure water from a contaminated supply. In others, the methods used are identical with those already described, although the purpose may be different, being for example, the purification of an organic compound such as sugar, the recovery of a valuable metal, or the use of the resin as a reagent in a manufacturing process. In some cases, such as the Chromatographic separation of similar metals, both the techniques and their aims are completely different from those applicable to water treatment. The number of individual applications of resins is so large, that no attempt will be made to catalogue them fully. Instead, the available types of processes will be described, and typical examples given in each case. The ion exchange literature includes hundreds of possible applications, which are not yet necessarily in large scale use, and the examples will be confined to those known to be generally practised.


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