Stewart-Treves Syndrome — Report of 3 Cases

  • A. K. Cordeiro
  • F. F. Baracat
  • A. Carrasco
  • A. J. Brandi


Swelling of the upper limb after radiacal mastectomy is a common and distressing problem for internists, gynecologists, and surgeons who care for patients with cancer of the breast. This complication can arise both in the presence and absence of recurrent tumor. When associated with recurrence, palliation can be undertaken until the spread of cancer interferes with vital functions. On the other hand, when the cancer has not recurred, treatment of the lymphedema may take a very protracted course, and a variety of modalities have been recommended but often with questionable success.


Radical Mastectomy Cutaneous Lesion Undifferentiated Carcinoma Lymphatic Trunk Malignant Vascular Tumor 
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  • F. F. Baracat
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  • A. Carrasco
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  • A. J. Brandi
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