Hydrostatic Pressure in Peripheral Lymphatics — Correlation with Lymphography and Clinical Data

  • A. R. Winterberger
  • E. C. Jennings


The measurement of hydrostatic pressure in human lymphatics has not previously been evaluated as a potential diagnostic modality. Szabo (1967) has measured pressures in various segments of the lymphatic system of dogs and has reported mean pressures in various vessels and trunks. He found the resting pressure in the extremities is close to zero. Drinker and Field (1933) also recorded near zero pressures in the dog leg at rest. Miller et al. (1963) found a mean pressure of 5 mmHg in the dog leg. Irisawa and Rushmer (1959) reported intralymphatic pressures in the dog leg slightly below corresponding venous pressures, i.e. between 2.5–12 cm of water.


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