Effects of ‘Torrey Canyon’ Pollution on Marine Life

  • Norman A. Holme
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The ‘Torrey Canyon’ stranded on the Seven Stones Reef off Lands End on March 18th, 1967. Within ten days her entire cargoe of 118,000 long tons of Kuwait crude oil had been released on to the sea, or burned following the bombing of the wreck. The released oil drifted off in three different masses; initially about 30,000 tons escaped and this drifted up the English Channel and polluted the N. coast of France, also Guernsey. During the following week a further 20,000 tons escaped, to pollute the west Cornish coast. On March 26th, the ship broke her back and released 50,000 tons which drifted south into Biscay. The wreck was bombed on March 28–30, the remaining 20,000 tons being either burned or released on to the sea.


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