Identification of Tylenchids

  • Etienne Geraert
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Raski and I some years ago started studying the family Tylenchidae and we came to the conclusion that all tylenchs that are very small and have a long tail belong to that family. We have been looking at several aspects of their morphology. Studying the anterior end of these nematodes with the scanning electron microscope, we found that all these animals have amphidial slits that usually are oriented radially towards the lateral side of the body. We found several organizations in the arrangement of the anterior end and we used these characters when defining several subfamilies. We also have been looking at the female reproductive system and we found that it also can be used for grouping some of these genera into subfamilies. In the subfamily Tylodorinae, a group of cells forms the transition between uterus and uterine sac, the crustaformeria shows five to six cells in each of the four rows, and the spermatheca is not offset. In the other genera of the Tylenchidae we found a smaller number of cells in the crustaformeria, usually only four, and the spermatheca is usually offset. On the basis of these observations, we have been able to reorganize the family Tylenchidae (Geraert & Raski, 1987).


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