Multiple Entry Identification Keys

  • Armen C. Tarjan
Part of the Nato ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 7)


The subject of my paper, “Multiple Entry Identification Keys,” was given to me for the workshop, and at first its meaning was not quite clear. By perusing the literature, I found out that once again, as we will determine here perhaps, it was the language which was alien to me and that I was dealing with familiar subjects under an unfamiliar name. I was also asked to go into a computer program, MARINEMA, with which I have been intimately associated for the past few years. I realize that many readers do not need a primer from me on a subject that may be familiar to them, especially those who teach. But I want to review some definitions, after which I will continue on to a more intriguing subject.


Marine Nematode Multiple Entry Systematic Parasitology Intrigue Subject Constriction Ring 
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