Tylenchina: An International Team Revision

  • Armand R. Maggenti
Part of the Nato ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 7)


This is an account of the work accomplished by an international team, how that team came about and how their philosophies blended. To a large extent it was born from my own misgivings about having revised Thorne’s 1949 classification of Tylenchida (Maggenti, 1982). This work was part of a larger revision of the classification of Nemata. Luc had occasion to review the section on Tylenchida and noted that genera were not listed for the families (a restriction of the publisher). Luc, Raski and I then discussed the possibility of doing an in-depth revision of Tylenchina. We were enthused and quickly expanded the input beyond ourselves to Fortuner and Geraert. Working with this team proved to be one of the most stimulating periods of my career. After five years, five taxonomists who started as acquaintances ended up as close friends and this will last us for our lifetimes; for this we are all grateful.


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